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Hi there, and welcome to EugeneAuditions!

My name is Jay Hash and I’m here to do my best to let everyone in the Lane County (Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove) area know about upcoming auditions for Plays, Musicals, Films, and other art events going on around town. The main page will display all of the postings in chronological order from when I hear about them (or when they are submitted to me), and then the pages will then be broken down into “Theatre”, “Film/TV”, and “Other”. It’s my hope that you won’t need to rely on word of mouth to be able to get into auditions, also I endeavour to make this a place where you can get tips on how to audition well, read about local directors and playwrights, and not feel like an outsider if you’re just getting started as an actor in Eugene, too.

I am wanting to work in concert with the various venues for community art and entertainment, so not only will I be putting links to the various websites for the theatres and venues on here, but I also want to abide by rules that they set on reblogging their casting notices here. So if you know something is going on, and it hasn’t shown up here, then that may be the case.

Before I go, there are a few ground rules I want to set:

  • If you wish to submit an audition for me to post, I either need a link where I can grab the info from, or I need to be provided with a list of characters for the show as well as brief descriptions of what the director or producer is looking for.
  • I will not post auditions that are intended to be pornographic in nature. There’s a difference between an indie flick that might have a partial nude scene in it and a guy with a camera who says he’ll pay big bucks for girls over 18. Not to say there’s anything wrong with pornography, this just isn’t the place for it.
  • If you wish to comment, please use common sense, good grammar, and don’t attack anyone else who left a comment prior to you that conflicts with your sensibilities. I know this is the internet, but please: be an adult.
  • This site is not for profit. I won’t make any money off of it whatsoever… and if I do end up putting a “donate” button up, it will strictly to pay for hosting costs so I won’t have to use wordpress’ free site. If this grows into something bigger than a glorified bulletin board, then the first sentence in this bullet may change (but I would’n’t count on it, nor expect it to).

Aside from that craziness, enjoy and share!

See you all on stage!

~Jay Hash

About EugeneAuditions…

EugeneAuditions is the brainchild of Jay Hash and Bob Buechler. It was formed in and alleyway during the production of Lord Leebrick’s Northwest 10 Play Festival: Bob had the same gripes that Jay had, so it was decided to put it into practice. EugeneAuditions is a free service for all of Lane County’s artistic productions that require auditions for casting or hiring.

About Jay Hash…

Jay hash 26 web

Jay is a 28 year old actor living in Eugene, OR, who holds a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon. He has been active in the theatre community in Eugene for over 10 years, and has over 30+ shows under his belt.

By day, he works for the Public Defender Services of Lane County, as their Apple IT Manager, as well as holding a second job with telecom company Network Intelligence, where he pretends to be a knowledgeable webmaster.

By night he enjoys Karaoke at Cornucopia with his Theatre Friends, and hanging at Mirage Hookah Lounge (who he does Graphic Design and Marketing for), or hanging out at home with his wife and cat. He recently is buying a new home, which he will be moving into soon with his wife Traci (aka Jersey), and the aforementioned cat, Mr. Garak.

You can visit his personal website here (LINK IS DOWN).

Or download a headshot and resume here.

About Bob Buechler…

Bob Buechler is a Phoenix transplant who got sick of the sun one day and headed directly to Oregon.

His acting career began much like his stage fright died: abruptly. After pinch-hitting as a substitute emcee for an Irish step-dancing troupe, his love for improv was almost immediately realized. After years of up close and personal lane improv at festivals, he landed a job as an actor for the Hanlon-Lee’s Action Theater, and took off touring the country for three consecutive 10-month seasons.

In 2007 he met his wife to-be, married her in Phoenix in 2009 and the very next day they started their new life together in Eugene. Since that time, he has humbly continued to enjoy theatrical success on local stages. Noticing a lack of centralized audition boards in Eugene, he and Jay quickly tossed around the idea for this site. Jay got up the gumption to make it actually happen and here you are reading this today.

There, now you’re all caught up.

You can go to Bob’s website here.

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