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AUDITIONS: “Our Town, Eugene” – Eugene’s 150th Anniversary

EA friend Tim McIntosh has been comissioned by the City of Eugene to write a play for it’s 150th Anniversary! Come do your home proud, local actors!

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Auditions for “Our Town, Eugene”

Written by Tim McIntosh

Directed by Darlene Rhoden

Jorah Daniels, aged 25, returns home after four years in San Francisco. Her new ideals — and her secret marriage — clash with her parents’ traditional views. Told against the backdrop of Eugene in 1972, 1979, and 1984, Our Town, Eugene tells a story of competing ideals and clashing hopes under one roof.

Production Dates begin on October 5, further performances to be negotiated and determinant upon theatrical space.

Auditions to be held at:

Eugene Public Library
100 West 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR

Date and Time:

Thursday, August 30, 5:00 pm

Casting Requirements:

2 (or 5) Women, 2 (or 5) Men.


Stage Manager – the narrator, 50s
Jorah Daniels – a young idealist, aged 24, 31, and 35
Frank Daniels – Jorah’s father, 50s and 60s
Deb Daniels – Jorah’s mother, 50s and 60s
Mayor – a prominent local politician, present-day
Professor Condon – from 1876, 40s
Jeremiah/Sarah Fredrickson – brother/sister from 1876, early 20s

Audition Requirements:

No monologues necessary, audition will consist of cold readings from the script
Sides should be available early next week for perusal.

For more information regarding the production, please contact:

Tim McIntosh

Phone: 541-942-8001

Email: timamcintosh@gmail.com

Helpful Links Provided by EugeneAuditions…

Need help strengthening your cold reading skills? Why not schedule a one on one class with Dr. Chryss Allaback?

Good Luck! We hope to see you on stage soon!

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