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AUDITION: “AAARRRRRRGH!!!” – Staged Screenplay Reading (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to lack of response, this audition has been postponed until Fall. Please do let Al and Desiree know if you are interested so they can keep you in mind!

Al and Desiree are working towards getting this together soon. We’ll be updating as more information comes available!


Pirate girls title logo

Auditions for “AAARRRRRRGH!!!” Staged Reading

Written & Produced by Al Kline & Desiree Rogers

Pirate Gurlz Rule! Anne Bonny and Mary Read, centuries ahead of their time are self empowered women who commanded the respect of all men in the Caribbean in the early 18th century.
In South Carolina in the early 18th century, ANNE BONNY, 16, escapes an arranged marriage of wealth and quickly adapts to a sailor’s life and language. CAPTAIN CALICO JACK RACKAM, 22, impressed by Anne’s tenacity, offers her an invitation to join his crew that she can’t refuse.
In London, 19 year old MARY READ’s life changes from fencing lessons and polo ponies to the harsh reality of poverty after being abandoned by her father. Mary realizes it’s a man’s world, so she poses as one to work on a trader sailing to the Caribbean. Her vessel is also taken by Captain Jack, and she reluctantly joins the pirate band.
COMMANDER THACKERY, 40, a privateer with the English Navy, plots Captain Jack’s downfall. Captain Jack is eventually kidnapped by Thackery’s men and tossed in jail to await transport to London. The pirates tear the jail apart to spring the Captain.
Anne and Mary stealthily torch Thackery’s ship, sending him into a fit of rage. The pirates celebrate their victory and over indulge with absinthe. The next morning Anne and Mary are the only ones able to fight the privateers, until Thackery subdues Anne with a severe leg wound.
In a London courtroom, Anne curtly tells Captain Jack, “Had you fought like a man, you need nought hang like a dog.” Anne and Mary “plead the bellies” to the Judge, who gives them a stay of execution until they give birth. Only one is able to escape to freedom they knew.

Auditions to be held at:


(The producers are working with DIVA to get an audition space)

Date and time:


(Producers have a general timeframe of 1-2 weeks, dependent on space availability)

Casting Requirements:

2 women, Ages 18-25
7 Men, Ages 20-40
5 Men, Ages 45+


ANNE BONNY, 16, head-strong independent hell-cat
MARY READ, 19, reserved; needs to tap into her inner pirate
CAPTAIN CALICO JACK RACKAM, 22, flamboyant and spontaneous
PETE, 45, Captain Jack’s right hand man
MALE ACTOR A – FREDERICK, 50, evil Southern aristocrat; SCOTCH, 60, Pete’s friend; OLD SALT, 75; MALCOLM, 60, an official; VICAR, 60, at an orphanage
MALE ACTOR B – CAPTAIN CORNWALL, 55; REGINALD, 40, Mary’s father; JOE, 60, a drunk
MALE ACTOR C – PARROT, Pete’s parrot; YOUNG MAN, 20, unloading cargo; JOHN, 25, a pirate; JAILOR, 35; A PRIVATEER, 20
MALE ACTOR D – CAPTAIN GILLIAM, 25, inexperienced; CHARLES, 25 and ruggedly handsome,; TOOTHLESS SAILOR, 50; GUARD, 35
MALE ACTOR F – CALYPSO, 30, large black man/ship’s cook; RICHARD, 20, sailor; CARRIAGE DRIVER, 25; COMMANDER WILSON, 40
MALE ACTOR G – CARLOS, EL CAPITAN, 40, of a Spanish galleon; MARK, 20, sailor; OFFICER, 30, one of Thackery’s men
MALE ACTOR H – WILLIAMS, 40, right hand man to Cap. Gilliam; CAPTAIN RACKAM, 38, Jack’s dad; DAVIS, 30, a wise ass sailor; DRIVER, 30, of a horse carriage
MALE ACTOR I – BUMBLECOCK, 50, a mousey little man; JUDGE, 60, in a London courtroom; OLDER PRIVATEER, 40; VICAR, 60, at an orphanage; ADMIRAL ADAMS, 60, an English navy official
MALE ACTOR J – CAPTAIN BRISTOL, 45, Pete’s twin brother; MALCOLM, 60, an official; BYRON, 50, Anne’s father; QUARTERMASTER, 50
ANNOUNCER – strong, resonant voice. Will read the script’s slug lines and description lines.

Due to lack of stage space, most actors will have to double/triple/quadruple up on roles, that means different, distinct voices are essential.

Rehearsals & Performance Dates are TBA

Audition Requirements:

Auditioners should come prepared to cold read from the script. Actors should bring a head shot (if available) and an acting resume.

For more information about the production please contact:

Al Kline


Desiree Rogers

Helpful links provided by EugeneAuditions:

Need help strengthening your cold reading skills? Why not schedule a one on one class with Dr. Chryss Allaback?

GOOD LUCK! We hope to see you on stage soon!

One comment on “AUDITION: “AAARRRRRRGH!!!” – Staged Screenplay Reading (UPDATED)

  1. definitely interesting in auditioning, looks awesome

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