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SUBMISSIONS: Submission Guidelines – The Actor’s Table of Eugene

Judy’s “Actor’s Table” looks exciting! Here are the submission guidelines for Late summer.


GUIDELINES for Late Summer 2012 Actors’ Table Applications

There has been considerably more interest than expected in the late summer Actors’ Table event, so it will be necessary to get a little more ‘formal’ about how people apply to participate.  While it won’t be possible to include everyone who’s expressed interest, we already have planned a mid-November event, and an early January event. Pieces for submission should be staged readings (though actors can be – and many are – off-book) of monologues (3-5 minutes) or scenes (5-8 minutes).

1)     Submit by email only.  Documents attached to submissions should be in either Microsoft Word or .PDF formats.

2)     Body of email should include:

  • Title/author of the piece you propose to do
  • Your name
  • Length/run time of piece
  • Proposed bio for event program
  •  A quick sentence or two about how you see this fitting the theme
  •  A list of any props/set pieces needed

3)     An electronic copy of the piece you propose to do should be attached to the email in one of the above formats

4)     If you will do a scene with another actor or actors (you can choose to do so and invite who you choose), their names and proposed bios should also be attached.

5)     Deadline for submissions is July 21st, 2012.  Submissions received after that date will be considered only if submissions that meet the deadline cannot be used or don’t fit the theme.

6)     Your piece should in some way fit the theme for the end-summer event, which is:  Life Changes.

7)     Be aware:  if you use props or need set pieces, these (beyond a simple chair or lectern, which can be provided) are your responsibility to acquire.

DATE:  September 8th at Tsunami Books

WINTER (November) TATE Theme:   Faith  (Date TBA, but likely November 10)

The “faith” theme does not mean religion, although you can certainly choose to do things with religious elements.  It simply means faith in all its forms – faith in others, faith in oneself, faith as practice, etc.

For more information about the production or to make a submission, please contact:

Judy McKenzie
Also, check out this recent review from the Register-Guard.
And find The Actor’s table on Facebook!

Helpful links provided by EugeneAuditions:

Looking for some short plays?Check out this link on Amazon, or pay a visit to the Smith Family Book Store.

GOOD LUCK! We hope to see you on stage soon!

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